Hot Summer Night Set

Serum Balm Intense + Heat Stroke + Sculpting Brow Gel 3 Product Bundle

Slick Brows + Flushed Cheeks + Bright glossy lips

Summer makeup is all about minimal effort, with maximum impact. Especially when the temperatures rise, you want to make sure your makeup stays put. Set brows all day and all night with our best-selling Clear Sculpting Brow Gel. *hot tip* owner and Creative Director Carrie Barber sprays the brush with a setting spray before applying to brows. For Summer nights, Swelter is a deep berry red shade that gives cheeks a deep rosy flush with a dewy, hydrated finish. Swipe lips with our hydrating, pigmented lip treatment Serum Balm Intense in Shock Layer for a pop of cherry red. 

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