Post-Sun Set

Pre Cleanse Fluid + Micro Ferment Rice Essence + Hibernation Capsule + Pink Matter 4 Product Bundle

Non-drying SPF removal + soothing post-sun hydration 

Removing SPF is as important as wearing SPF, and not all cleansers are created equal. Pre-cleanse Fluid light weight oil formula works especially well at removing SPF without drying out skin or leaving a film. Follow with Micro Ferment Rice Essence as your first hydration step and to optimize skin for absorption of the products to follow. Post-sun, it’s important to keep skin moisturized and Hibernation Capsule does double duty hydrating and replenishing your skin overnight. Lips can often be overlooked when it comes to sun care so make sure to add a thick coat of Pink Matter to repair and restore moisture…can be added to knuckles and cuticles which can often feel dry post-sun, chlorine or salt water.   

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