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As we look forward, we believe we have a responsibility to reach for a more sustainable future.

MAKE products are formulated using botanical and botanically-derived ingredients and tested synthetic ingredients. In an effort to consider the environmental impact of ingredient sourcing and the safety and efficacy of our products, where possible, we utilize a biotech approach to formulation that we call Lab Engineered Natural Ingredients or “L.E.N.I”.

Exibit 1A

Lab Engineered Natural Ingredient

Biotech active ingredients are synthesized by genetically engineered microbes- like yeast, enzymes, and bacteria for example, in regulated laboratory settings. There are several advantages to the utilization of biotechnology ingredients:

+ L.E.N.I. technology goes beyond being identical to natural botanical counterparts, and can potentially exceed them in quality and performance.

+ Lab engineered ingredients have the potential to improve potency, boost bioavailability, reduce irritation, and produce additional beneficial molecules compared to traditional natural materials.

+ L.E.N.I. technology doesn't have the carbon footprint associated with plant-derived ingredients. Since these ingredients are produced in a lab, they avoid the massive drain on our limited resources. Endangered or short supply ingredients can be lab-created without impacting the world’s biodiversity.

lipid and fatty acid complex, extracted from isolate and extract lipid fractions from sustainable green algae

lab engineered via the fermentation of sugarcane, a renewable source, that is highly sustainable and standardized for purity and consistency

liquid emollient made from biodegradable sources

mild surfactant naturally rich in L-Glutamic acid, made from plant-derived fatty acids, readily biodegradable, no-waste water production process

sustainably sourced, lab perfected cactus and agave extract blend that hydrates and shields skin from environmental stressors

Sustainably sourced rice by-product that releases natural enzymes to work synergistically with skin

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