From the lab:

The Logbook

Carrie Barber's Routine

The first thing you should know about me is that I love product. Though I am somewhat of a product junkie, I like to keep my daily routine dialed in.
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Spotlight On: Pre-Cleanse Fluid

Our Pre-Cleanse Fluid effectively dissolves makeup, oil, SPF, and other impurities and was developed to be used in conjunction with a second cleanser such as our Succulent Skin Wash for optimal purity. The combination provides a clean and refreshed skin feel without tightness, dryness, or leftover product residue. Read more...
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One of the facets of our Lab Engineered Natural Ingredients (L.E.N.I.) is fermentation. This ancient art turned modern innovation is surfacing in skincare creating ingredients that are more potent, more bioavailable, less irritating, better preserved, have additional nutrients, and are better ethically sourced. Read more...
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Lab Engineered Natural Ingredients (L.E.N.I.)

L.E.N.I. challenges the current standard of sustainability, expands the definition of natural, and elevates the concept of clean beauty. Our novel “L.E.N.I.” approach to ingredient selection centers on biotechnology, what we believe is the future of sustainability. Read More...
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