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MAKE’s Complexion Makeup Brush Guide

Dense or fluffy? Flat or round? We know how confusing it can be to build an arsenal of makeup tools, and that’s why we’ve eliminated the guesswork with three essential brushes designed for targeted application and blending of all your complexion products.

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How To Define Your Lips with Lip Contour

Lip contouring is a makeup technique that uses soft shadows to add depth and volume, making lips look fuller. Unlike face contour, lip contour is used to introduce dimensionality and softly enhance your natural lip shape, not slim or ‘sculpt.’

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How To Precision Contour For Sculpted Cheekbones

Precision contour refers to the delicate application of *small* amounts of contour. Thus, following the natural contours of your face and blending to avoid stark lines are key. With precision contour, the goal is to create depth and dimension with shadows that look as real as possible. Think of it as akin to high-definition makeup; it sculpts while remaining seamless, making it an ideal makeup technique for on-camera occasions and everyday wear.

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The Difference Between Contour & Bronzer

At first glance, contouring and bronzing may seem similar, but in reality, these makeup techniques play two distinctive roles: contour is all about sculpting and defining your features, while bronzer adds a natural warmth to your complexion where the sun normally would. By understanding when, where, and how to apply your bronzer and contour, you can elevate your makeup application and maximize the versatility of your products.

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How To Make A Glowy Complexion Last All Day

Before the dewy skin trend, mattifying powders, oil-absorbing foundations, and blotting papers were all the rage. Arguably one of the most influential beauty trends, the dewy skin aesthetic has inspired many of the glow-inducing products we know and love and reflects a shift towards makeup looks that put hydrated, smooth and bouncy looking skin center stage.

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Everything To Know About Hyperboost Lash + Brow Serum

Hyperboost is a concentrated lash and brow serum formulated with WIDELASH™, a proven blend of proteins and peptides that promote the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes and brows. Unlike other lash and brow growth serums, Hyperboost is formulated without prostaglandin and other materials known to cause eye color changes and discoloration, irritation, and swelling of the eyelids, making Hyperboost safe for those with sensitive and light-colored eyes.

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5 Steps to Crease-Free Under Eyes

In ‘Makeup With Friends’ episode 5, Carrie Barber, MAKE’s Owner and Creative Director, collaborates with renowned celebrity makeup artist, Nikki La Rose, to share tips and tricks for better makeup application. They address a common problem area for both makeup enthusiasts and beginners: our under eyes and creasing concealer. Given the delicate nature of the skin under our eyes, and our eyes’ frequent movement, makeup tends to settle into fine lines, causing unwanted creasing. While creasing may be extremely common, don’t fret – Carrie and Nikki offer several makeup-artist-approved methods to minimize and prevent this common makeup pitfall.
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