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Carrie Barber's Routine

Carrie Barber's Routine

The first thing you should know about me is that I love product. Though I am somewhat of a product junkie, I like to keep my daily routine dialed in, since I don’t usually have the time to indulge in an extensive skincare regimen. I also believe in using multi-hyphenate products that deliver a range of benefits, so that you can do less, without sacrificing results.

Below is my daily routine, morning and night. I will add certain serums or treatments based on what my skin needs.

Cleansing: I only wash my face in the morning if I’ve put on an overnight treatment or retinol, otherwise, just cold water. When I do wash my face, I use the Succulent Skin Skin Wash because it doesn’t dry out my skin and I am really into the velvety foaming texture that develops when emulsified with water. At night, I remove my makeup and grime from the day with Pre-Cleanse Fluid, followed by Succulent Skin Wash for the real cleansing of the day. I just learned from Susan Yara that you should slowly count to 10 while washing your face, so that your cleanser has time to do its job.

Treatments: I use our new Micro-Crystalline Face Polish a few times a week, before I get into the shower. My esthetician recommends exfoliating in the morning because it wakes your skin up and provides brightening all day.

Skin Prep: Before I start my skincare, I prep my skin with the Micro Ferment Rice Essence. I love the texture of this essence -- it’s creamy and soft, hydrating and brightening, and helps the skincare that follows, penetrate deeper into the surface. A few nights a week, I will sometimes swap Rice Essence for Acid Phase, when I need a bit of extra exfoliation and balance for skin.

Skincare routine: Next, I use our new Lactonic Skin Serum. This is a powerhouse serum, formulated with Ascorbyl Glucoside, a highly stable vitamin C derivative, that delivers the same benefits as traditional vitamin C, without irritation. It’s also formulated with vegan lactic acid, which is one of my favorite skincare ingredients because it resurfaces skin while hydrating, which is perfect for my dry/acne prone skin. I cannot live without this formula - it delivers tons of benefits, without any irritation. Plus it smells great and is so creamy.

Rich creams are my desert island skincare item. If you can’t tell by now, I am all about texture and nothing does it for me like a rich cream. Super Cell is a deep moisturizing cream formulated with Orchid Plant Stem Cells, to improve communication between your skin cells and help with elasticity and firming. The natural emollient in Super Cell comes from fermented sugar cane, which allows the hydrating molecules to penetrate deeper into skin, leaving skin hydrated longer. I love this cream because it provides long lasting hydration and has a beautiful sheen to it, which wears well under makeup.

I always top off this skincare routine with Serum Balm and SPF during the day… and that's it! Please DM me (@carrie_barber) if you have any questions or need product recommendations. I love chatting about skincare!

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