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Spice up Your Look: Trending Fall Makeup

Much like bronzed skin and sweat-proof formulas are synonymous with summer, autumn brings a shift towards moodier hues evocative of spooky season and the changing landscape. Whether it’s chilly nights or back-to-school nostalgia, there’s something about fall that hearkens back to the classics. Think cable knit sweaters, corduroy, and, in the case of makeup, autumnal shades inspired by what’s in season.

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On Sunday, the content creator and fashion week regular attended the Kim Shui show donning bold graphic liner (MAKE's Continuum Gel Eyeliner to be exact) and bronzy skin, a look which was crafted by none other than celebrity makeup artist, Hailey Hoff. To recreate Tinx’ look, shop the MAKE essentials and learn the techniques Hailey used to achieve it below.

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Recreating Hailey Bieber’s Strawberry Girl Makeup Look

‘Strawberry Makeup’ is as cute and fun as it sounds. A dewy makeup look that emphasizes strawberry-toned cheeks against clean skin, a glossy pink or red lip, and ideally some playful freckles (real or faux). Just as the recent latte makeup trend focuses on a consistent color palette of warm browns and nudes, the strawberry makeup trend spotlights soft pink and red hues on cheeks and lips.
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MAKE x Barbiecore

Here at MAKE, it’s no surprise that pink is dominating in fashion and beauty spheres. It’s a universally flattering color, after all. That’s why we've curated a selection of our favorite pink products below. Whether you're seeking a daring transformation or simply looking to incorporate a subtle pop of pink into your makeup routine, our modern formulas provide ultimate customization to suit your style.

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Tightlining and Eye Contouring for Soft Definition

Tightlining and eye contouring are two fool-proof eye makeup techniques for enhancing and defining eyes. While tightlining, lining the upper waterline, brings out the lash line, eye contouring, the art of accentuating the natural shadows and highlights of the eye area, adds depth and dimension. When combined, these two makeup-artist-approved techniques simply can’t be beat.

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How To Contour Eyes

We created our multi-use Eye Shaping Stylo with precision in mind, so you can contour tight corners with ease. Subtly sculpt and enhance your eyes, or achieve a dramatic change with this versatile stylo that can be worn alone or layered for ultimate customization.
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A Pop of Color with Makeup Artist Jkissa

On Episode 2 of 'Makeup With Friends', makeup artist Jkissa shows Carrie Barber how to achieve her signature look: clean skin with a pop of color.
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