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Get The Look: Safe Sunburn Blush 2.0

Safe sunburn blush is back! It’s no surprise to me that this widely popular blush trend from last summer is back for round two in 2024. Sunburn blush gives the complexion a fresh, youthful radiance and is easy to achieve with one product. However this year, I’m seeing less bright red and more brick red or brownish red shades…replicating that moment when your sunburn turns into a tan. Hence, safe sunburn blush 2.0.

Our Heat Stroke Dewy Cheek Tint in Scorched was made for this look, it’s the perfect reddish brown, it has a watercolor blush finish that melts into skin. See below for a step-by-step on how to get the full look.



This blush trend is a skin-forward look, so I take my time with skin prep to ensure my skin is hydrated, plump and glowing. After cleansing with Succulent Skin Cleanser, I use our Micro Ferment Rice Essence which hydrates and prep skin for the serums and moisturizers that follow.

Then I use our new Subverse Plumping Peptide Serum for additional plumping and hydration followed by Hydrascape which gives the complexion and instant glow and is one of my favorite primers for makeup.


To keep this look skin forward, I use the Diffusion Dew Skin Tint as my complexion base. I consider Diffusion Dew a hybrid skin tint/foundation product because it gives more coverage than your average skin tint and is less heavy than traditional foundations.

Hot Tip: Don’t overlook your brows! Especially in these lighter non-makeup makeup looks, brows easily add definition and frame the face, making everything feel more cohesive and finished.


When applying sunburn blush, you want to go higher on the cheekbone, on the bridge of the nose and apply a touch on the forehead right by your hairline. I am using Heat Stroke in ‘Scorched’ with our Sculpting Brush and taking my time to really work the product into my skin. When blending, I like to tap with the brush to get the most diffused look.

Once everything is blended, I apply just a touch of the same blush to my brow bone, right under my brow.

  • Subverse Peptide Serum Subverse Peptide Serum
  • water-in-oil emulsion water-in-oil emulsion
  • sunburn blush makeup look


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