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2024 skincare resolutions

2024 Skincare Resolutions

Beauty trends may come and go, but healthy-looking, hydrated skin is always in.

Whether you identify as a resolutions enthusiast or don’t subscribe to the tradition, the onslaught of intentions at the start of each year (Drink more water! Get eight hours of sleep!) can be overwhelming to say the least. If committing to *or renovating* your skincare routine wasn’t at the top of your list this January, we’re here to help. Just one month into 2024, we’re refining our top shelves with procedures and products that give us the glowiest results, no matter the season.

Here are five skincare resolutions you can actually commit to in 2024:

1. Edit Your Skincare Routine to Just the Essentials

We predict 2024 is the year of the paired back skincare routine, and by paired back, we mean the routine that’s less about the number of steps taken and more about what’s genuinely beneficial for your skin. Swap out your ten steps for a regimen that incorporates simple, effective, and multi-purpose products that work, and fit into your busy life.

2. Double Cleanse Before Bed to Remove Makeup

While simplification is emerging as a new beauty mantra, we don’t recommend skimping on this crucial part of your routine. In fact, we recommend double cleansing to prepare your skin for your other products.

To start, break down waterproof makeup, sunscreen, and dead skin cells with an oil-based cleanser. For this, we like Pre-Cleanse Oil Cleanser’s gentle formulation. Enriched with a fatty acid complex and a blend of skin-nourishing oils, Pre-Cleanse dissolves impurities while nurturing and restoring the skin's moisture barrier. As the second part of our double-cleanse, go in with the Succulent Skin Wash, our serum weight, pH-balanced gel cleanser supercharged with rich surfactants that purify, balance and soften skin.

Thorough cleansing paves the way for your subsequent skincare products to perform at their best, which is why this step is a non-negotiable part of our evening routine.

3. Exfoliate & Brighten with a Lactic Acid + Vitamin C Serum

Embrace simplicity in your skincare routine with a multi-purpose hero – Lactonic Lactic Acid and Vitamin C Serum. Combining the benefits of skin-brightening Vitamin C and exfoliating Lactic Acid, Lactonic efficiently brightens and smooths visual skin tone in a single pump, proving that simplicity and efficacy can coexist in one powerful product.

Thanks to a dynamic combination of lactic acid and vitamin C, Lactonic targets fine lines and wrinkles while promoting a plump, rejuvenated complexion. Ascorbyl glucoside, a milder vitamin C derivative, helps fade topical dark spots while vegan lactic acid refines skin tone and texture for visibly plump, radiant skin. Thanks to the hydrating properties of lactic acid, this multi-purpose hero also acts as a barrier against dryness.

Make Lactonic a staple in your skincare routine by incorporating it morning and night – simply dispense 1-2 pumps and gently massaging onto your face, neck, and chest.

4. Treat the Neck & Chest

Caring for your neck and chest is just as important as caring for your face, yet for many of us, our diligent skincare routine stops at the neck.

This year, consider treating your neck and chest with as much care as you do your facial skin. After all, these areas are more susceptible to dryness. No matter your skin type, give the delicate skin on your neck and chest the same TLC. Whether you moisturize with Hydrascape, Succulent Gel Cream, or Super Cell Deep Moisture Cream, include your neck and chest next time you moisturize to ensure a smoother, more youthful appearance.

5. Sun Protection

Daily sunscreen application, we recommend broad spectrum SPF 40 - SPF 50+, is a non-negotiable shield against the harmful effects of UV rays. Regular application has been shown to safeguard skin from premature aging, sunspots, and the risk of skin cancer. Make applying sunscreen a daily ritual, rain or shine – your skin will thank you, we promise.

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