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vitamin c and lactic acid serum

Meet Lactonic, Our Lactic Acid & Vitamin C Serum

What is Lactonic?

Meet Lactonic, our multi-tasking, all-in-one skin brightening treatment designed to revitalize your skin's clarity and smoothness for a radiant glow.

Lactonic serum uses a powerful combination of lactic acid and vitamin C to thoroughly exfoliate skin while plumping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ascorbyl glucoside, a milder derivative of vitamin C, not only brightens your complexion but also acts as a protective shield against free radicals. Vegan lactic acid, one of a few AHA acids that hydrates as it resurfaces, helps improve overall tone and texture. With the addition of niacinamide to balance sebum production, Lactonic visibly delivers your plumpest, glowiest complexion yet.

The Formula

What Does Vitamin C Do for the Skin?

Vitamin C is a skincare essential praised by dermatologists for its powerful antioxidant properties. It acts as a shield against free radicals, harmful environmental molecules known to accelerate signs of aging and skin damage, all while improving the look and appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Known for its ability to boost collagen production, regular use of vitamin C can improve the skin’s elasticity for a firmer, more supple complexion. While not a replacement for sunscreen, the antioxidant also protects against UV damage, making it an essential ingredient in our lineup of youth-boosting skincare products.

We formulated Lactonic with ascorbyl glucoside, a less potent, highly stable version of vitamin C that easily absorbs and breaks down gradually so its benefits are long-lasting and gentle on sensitive skin.

What Does Lactic Acid Do for the Skin?

Considered one of the gentlest chemical exfoliants, what sets lactic acid apart is its ability to improve the skin’s hydration levels and its gentle exfoliating action on the skin's surface. Due to its larger molecular weight, lactic acid won’t penetrate the deeper layers of your skin, meaning it’s less likely to disrupt your skin’s moisture barrier or cause irritation as it works to eliminate surface skin cells.

While traditionally derived from milk, our vegan lactic acid is made from fermented sugar. Over time, it aids in fading hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of Using Vitamin C and Lactic Acid Together

It's widely recognized that certain skincare ingredients, especially acids and chemical exfoliants, should be mixed with caution to prevent skin irritation. However, lactic acid and vitamin C are a harmonious pair whose benefits complement each other.

Because lactic acid acts as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin, it helps shield the skin from potential irritation that can occur with vitamin C. Thanks to its hydrating properties, lactic acid also serves as a barrier against dryness associated with standalone vitamin C formulations.

What's even more impressive is that lactic acid's gentle exfoliation primes the skin for better absorption and performance of vitamin C. Together, vitamin C and lactic acid form a powerful duo that safeguards, hydrates, and resurfaces the skin.

How to Use Lactonic

For optimal results, use Lactonic both morning and night. Simply dispense 1-2 pumps into your palms, and gently massage onto your face, neck, and chest. Don't forget to follow up with your favorite moisturizer and SPF during daytime. Our formulation is suitable for all skin types.

  • lactonic serum lactonic serum texture
  • lactonic serum lactonic serum texture
  • vitamin c and lactic acid serum


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