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After Sun Skincare Routine

With the joys of summer (travel, beach days and extended daylight) come exposure to saltwater, chlorine, and the harsh UVA/UVB rays that inevitably take a toll on our skin’s appearance and overall health.

Here at MAKE, caring for our skin in the summer months means combatting common hot weather concerns like clogged pores, moisture replenishment, and soothing after sun exposure.

When it comes to our summer skincare arsenal, products that restore and hydrate the skin are key. To see how we maintain well-hydrated, plump and visually radiant skin throughout the hottest season, check out our after-sun skin saviors below.

Double Cleanse

While year round cleansing is essential, it’s especially important during the summer months when hotter temperatures cue increased sweat, sebum production, and exposure to environmental irritants. We recommend double cleansing; a two-step technique that involves using an oil-based cleanser and a water-based cleanser, to dissolve SPF, pollution and product buildup.

First Cleanse: Here at MAKE, our cleansing ritual starts with the Pre Cleanse Fluid, a silky oil that effortlessly dissolves impurities without drying or irritating skin. Formulated with a luxe combination of oils, Pre Cleanse Fluid fortifies the skin’s moisture barrier as it cleanses, making it the perfect after-sun pick. To use, massage one to two pumps onto dry skin using dry hands. Add water to emulsify into a light lather and rinse thoroughly.

Second Cleanse: To follow, we use Succulent Skin Wash, our serum weight, pH-balanced gel cleanser. Supercharged with rich surfactants that preserve the skin barrier, Succulent Skin Wash purifies, balances and softens skin while providing nutrients like soothing niacinamide and hydrating sodium hyaluronate. Simply dispense one to two pumps into hands and massage onto skin, rinsing thoroughly for skin that’s perfectly primed for the products that follow.

Lasting Hydration for the Face, Eyes & Lips

From restoring hydration and soothing the dreaded sunburn to prolonging your tan, moisturizing after sun is key. To combat dehydration, we turn to Succulent Skin Gel Cream, our serum weight moisturizer that hydrates, plumps and soothes. Thanks to its host of skin-loving ingredients like Aloe Vera Concentrate, Niacinamide and Glycerin that soften and condition the skin, Succulent Skin Gel Cream refreshes and plumps without feeling heavy, making it the perfect summer moisturizer for those with oily or combination skin.

For those who’ve gotten a little too much sun, or feel dry, flaky and dehydrated, Hydrascape Reverse Emulsion is a must. Thanks to a blend of nourishing emollients and antioxidants, this water-in-oil emulsion is specially formulated to lock in moisture, help prevent water loss, and protect the skin’s moisture barrier. Plump, brighten, and achieve long-lasting hydration with Hydrascape, our go-to for tired, dehydrated and sensitized skin.

It’s well known that the delicate eye area contains less sebaceous glands responsible for producing the skin’s natural oils, making the skin around eyes more susceptible to damage from sun exposure. Considering this, we turn to a soothing eye treatment like Orbital Balm when eyes need a little TLC. Formulated with skin-brightening antioxidants and hydrating emollients, Orbital Balm helps fortify the delicate eye area, delivering long-lasting moisture and visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Last but not least, the delicate lip area is susceptible to summer weather, just like the rest of your skin. We plump and protect our pouts with a hydrating lip treatment like Serum Balm to combat dry, flaky or chapped lips before, during, and after outdoor exposure. Our best-selling, award winning all-in-one lip treatment nourishes, softens, smooths lips for luxurious, long-lasting shine and cushion. Available in five sheer shades you can’t go wrong with, Serum Balm is a beach bag must-have.

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