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boyfriend blush trend

Get The Look: Boyfriend Blush Trend

‘Tis the season…of new and inventive TikTok blush trends, and the trend to kick off the season is ‘Boyfriend Blush.’ When I mention this to people *Gen Z* either know exactly what I am talking about or *the rest of us* think this has something to do with making out with a boyfriend…

This trend doesn’t actually have anything to do with a boyfriend, but rather it’s ‘borrowed from the boys.’ Gender doesn’t really have anything to do with it because it’s inspired by rosy post-exercise skin…the ‘boyfriend’ part to me is that it’s imperfect around the edges and a touch more pink/red than you might normally go with blush.

What Is Boyfriend Blush?

The “boyfriend blush” application is a natural flush of color that sits lower on the cheek. It’s fresh, natural and meant to look as if you’ve just been outside for a brisk walk. It’s also flattering on everyone because you’re recreating a look that naturally occurs in your complexion. I can hear all my Rosacea girls now…’But I have spent years covering up my rosacea’ or ‘I avoid any and all blush trends that involve red/pink tones.’ Well…this may be the blush trend for you.

The key to this look is using a shade that mimics your natural flush and a formula that melts into skin. Both Heat Stroke and our Powder Blush are great for this trend. If you’re looking for a more sheer, believable finish I would use Heat Stroke and if you want a bolder, brighter look I would use our Powder Blush. I used both, but the ‘New Moon’ shade in our powder blush matches my flush perfectly. See below for how to get Boyfriend Blush step-by-step and as always, feel free to DM me or email the MAKE team with any questions you have! xC

How to Execute Boyfriend Blush Step-By-Step


I usually wear our Skin Mimetic Concealer every day, but for this look, I opted for Diffusion Dew Skin Tint because I wanted my skin to look as natural as possible, but still flawless. I am shade Light 1.5 and I use the Blender Brush to apply.

STEP 2: HEAT STROKE in BAKED (optional)

This step is optional, but I wanted to start with Heat Stroke Cheek Tint in Baked because I think it adds depth and a touch of ‘I have been living a carefree life in the sun,’ and who doesn’t want that?


Start where you would normally put your contour, below your cheek bone and in the fleshy part of your cheek. I am using our Skin Mimetic Microsuede Powder Blush in the shade ‘New Moon’ because it is a rosy pink with a touch of red, which mimics my natural flush. For those with cool undertones, Heat Stroke Cheek Tint in the shade ‘Swelter’ with a bit of ‘Feverish’ would also be great for this look.

Technically you could stop here, but to complete this look I added a bit of the blush to my brow bone, tight lined my eyes with Continuum Gel Eyeliner in the shade ‘Nebula’ and applied a bit of left over blush to the middle of my lips because cheeks aren't the only thing that flush after a brisk walk.

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