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diffusion dew skin tint

Meet Diffusion Dew Radiant Skin Tint

Much like a canvas, a radiant, even complexion sets the stage for the rest of your look. While we’re certainly proponents of natural, clean skin, we’ll take a little help when it comes to achieving a glowing, healthy base.

With performance and pigment at the core of our DNA, our mission at MAKE is clear: to create innovative, high performing formulas using sustainable botanicals, Lab Engineered Natural Ingredients (L.E.N.I.), and skin-friendly synthetics. The byproduct? Complexion products that set a new standard for achieving a 'skin-like finish.

Meet Diffusion Dew, a breathable, next-generation skin tint featuring skin-mimicking pigments that add radiant coverage while blurring, smoothing, and brightening your complexion.

What is a Skin Tint?

A skin tint is the most lightweight among complexion products, intended to provide barely-there coverage for a seamless, uniform base. With its watery, serum-like texture and lower concentration of pigments compared to traditional foundations, Diffusion Dew was designed to even out the skin tone without completely masking the skin’s natural appearance.

The Formula and Finish

There’s no shortage of skin tints that promise to beautify. What sets Diffusion Dew apart from the rest is its unique formula, which uses skin mimicking technology to seamlessly meld with your skin without separating or looking like a detectable layer of makeup.

We love Diffusion Dew for its versatility; its buildable formula allows for sheer to medium coverage, suiting a variety of looks with ease. Enriched with skin-loving niacinamide and adenosine, this hydrating skin tint visibly smooths and balances skin for a luminous glow.

Diffusion Dew Shades

Diffusion Dew is available in twelve flexible shades that cater to cool, warm, and neutral undertones. Skin-mimicking pigments blend into skin, ensuring a truly seamless match.

How To Apply the Diffusion Dew Skin Tint

Applying Diffusion Dew is effortless thanks to its lightweight formula. Start by shaking the bottle to ensure the product is well-mixed. Next, dispense a few pumps onto the backs of your clean hands. For a natural, seamless blend, use fingertips to gently massage Diffusion Dew into your skin. This method is excellent for achieving a sheer, radiant finish.

Alternatively, Diffusion Dew can be applied using a sponge or makeup brush. For an extra sheer tint, use a makeup sponge and dab the product onto your skin, blending in a stippling motion. To build coverage in specific areas, like blemishes or red zones, a makeup brush will be your best ally.

To finish, set Diffusion Dew in place with a dusting of Diffusion Set, our ultra-soft translucent pressed powder. Infused with Biotech derived algae and hydrating microspheres, Diffusion Set mattifies the skin for a balanced complexion.

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    MAKE's Guide to Eye Makeup Brushes

    Whether you're aiming for a subtle wash of color, a seamlessly blended smokey eye, or a defined lash line, the right makeup brush is key to achieving the best results.

    Choosing the right brush can be a daunting task, but fear not – we're here to guide you through with two new MAKE brushes: the All Over Shadow Brush and the Precision Eye Smudger.

    Eye Makeup Brushes and Why They Matter

    Your eye makeup brushes play a crucial role in your makeup application process, as is the case with your complexion. When it comes to eye makeup, we think there are two staples everyone needs in their lineup. Continue reading to discover precisely how and when to use them for optimal results.

    Determine Which Brush to Use and When:

    Different eye looks demand varying levels of precision and control. Brushes with softer and more flexible bristles, such as blending brushes, are ideal for blending eyeshadows, while denser, flatter brushes are better suited for packing on color. Using the right brush ensures efficient and even application of eye makeup products, especially when working with products that require precision and careful placement to prevent fallout.

    Density, bristle length, and shape are factors that can make or break your look. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend considering pigment intensity and the specific area you intend to cover when choosing between eye makeup brushes.

    In our guide to complexion makeup brushes, we explained how bristle length and density impact precision and color payoff. For a little refresher, revisit our complexion makeup brush guide.

    If the countless shapes, sizes, and functionalities available make you feel lost in the makeup brush aisle, we’ve got you covered. Introducing the All Over Eyeshadow Brush and the Precision Eye Smudger Brush, your perfect starting points for versatile, controlled eye makeup application.

    All Over Shadow Brush

    An all over shadow brush is an essential tool in any makeup kit due to its efficiency, versatility, and easy-to-use design. While primarily used for overall application, all over shadow brushes are designed with bristles soft enough to blend eyeshadows seamlessly, create smooth transitions between colors, and avoid harsh lines on the eyelid.

    Crafted with luxurious, soft, cruelty-free fibers, MAKE’s all over eyeshadow brush evenly distributes color to the lid area for seamless, consistent application regardless of eyeshadow formula. We love to apply MAKE’s Multi-Chromatic Metal Reflecting Eyeshadow with the all over shadow brush for dimensional, buildable eye looks sans fallout or harsh lines. For best results, use the all over shadow brush to pack and press pigments onto your lids, and diffuse to your liking.

    Precision Eye Smudger

    Whether you're aiming to define your lash line or correct a makeup mishap, a compact, densely packed smudger brush is the key to controlling eye makeup with ease.

    Introducing the Precision Eye Smudger Brush, MAKE’s compact brush designed for adding controlled, precise definition to the eye area. Particularly effective for defining the upper and lower lash lines, its compact size and densely packed bristles allow for targeted application, helping you achieve definition without smudging or spreading product too widely. To use, simply apply product on your lash line and blend.

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