6 Ways to Match Your Fall Lip Color with This Season’s Fashion Trends

6 Ways to Match Your Fall Lip Color with This Season’s Fashion Trends

Want to inject a pop of color into your fall outfits? Three of the biggest color trends right now are bold red, bright pink and rich berry. And they’re all available in our best-selling Serum Balm Intense. Add a dose of this season’s hottest hues to any look with our pigmented lip emollient while providing hydration and long-lasting shine to your lips. Plus, our best-selling serum balm is formulated with a natural lip volumizing ingredient, which conditions while it plumps. And nothing compliments an outfit better than a voluminous, pigmented pout.

Here are 6 ideas on how to match your lip color with fashionable outfits for fall:

Pink Cerise+

It’s hard to look anywhere these days without seeing an electric dose of pink. Thanks to the upcoming Barbie movie, the playful color is having a major fashion moment. There is even a name for it: Barbiecore. Pair our fuchsia pink with camels and beiges for a touch of feminine color. Contrast it with an equally as bright green for a bold statement. Or use it to add warmth to cool grays.

Shock Layer

You can never go wrong with red year-round. But this season, red is especially in fashion. We love matching our bright red lip to an equally vibrant red outfit or beautifully clashing it with pinks and purples. Another big trend right now? Yellow. It’s perfect for a chic ketchup and mustard moment. And red is always a welcome splash of color to a neutral palette of camel and black.

Berry Moon

Our deep berry shade provides the perfect moody pout as we go from fall into holiday. Pair it with similar tones of maroon and burgundy for an elevated monochromatic look. Contrast it with this season’s trendy bold blue for something unexpected. Or use the luxe hue to add richness to winter whites.

Whatever shade of our pigmented lip emollient you choose, we hope these pairings help inspire you when you’re getting ready this season!

  • 6 Ways to Match Your Fall Lip Color with This Season’s Fashion Trends


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