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MAKE’s Complexion Makeup Brush Guide

Dense or fluffy? Flat or round? We know how confusing it can be to build an arsenal of makeup tools, and that’s why we’ve eliminated the guesswork with three essential brushes designed for targeted application and blending of all your complexion products.

Do Face Makeup Brushes Make a Difference?

If you’ve ever applied a gentle dusting of blush only to look in the mirror and see clown cheeks, you’re familiar with makeup application gone wrong.

When selecting your makeup tool of choice – be it your fingers, a makeup sponge, or brush – product formula and the areas you intend to cover matter. The truth is, different formulas work best with specific tools, and considering the texture of your product as well as desired color payoff and finish will ensure you prevent makeup mishaps like a patchy, cakey or uneven appearance.

Whether you’re a collector of makeup brushes or prefer the simplicity of your fingers, we’re here to help you understand which tools do what and exactly how to use them for better, more seamless makeup application. For the clown cheek girlies and minimalists seeking that barely-there glow, there’s a brush for that. Achieve your desired look with MAKE’s essential complexion brushes: the Blending Brush, the Powder Brush, and the Sculpting Brush.

Low Density vs. High Density Bristles Explained

When discerning which makeup brushes to use and when, there are two important factors to consider: 1) bristle density, which refers to the quantity of bristles in a makeup brush, and 2) bristle length. As a rule of thumb, the denser the makeup brush, the more pigment it will pick up and deposit. Thus, consider color payoff and how much blending and buffing a given formula requires when choosing between a densely or sparsely packed brush.


Designed to evenly distribute product, densely packed brushes are ideal for blending, buffing and achieving an even application of liquid and cream complexion products, whereas sparsely packed makeup brushes are ideal for light application of powders.

Bristle Length:

Bristle length influences a brush's stiffness or looseness, impacting control over placement and pigment intensity. Longer bristles offer greater movement, making them perfect for applying powders. Conversely, shorter bristles provide precision and control for applying and blending liquid and cream formulas.

Brush Glossary – The MAKE Essentials

Luxurious, durable and cruelty-free, the Blending Brush, Powder Brush, and Sculpting Brush were designed with the highest-quality, synthetic bristles to meet all your complexion needs.

The Blending Brush

Achieving an even base is a breeze with our universal Blending Brush. Designed to blend product into the skin for a natural, even finish, what sets this complexion brush apart is its versatility – use with powder, cream, or liquid formulations.

Using soft buffing strokes or circles, use the brush to blend foundation, concealer, cream blush or bronzer for a seamless application sans harsh lines.

The Powder Brush

When it comes to locking in your look with powder, we aim to blur and balance without sacrificing skin finish. A brush that distributes just enough powder is equally as important as a setting powder that absorbs excess oil without overly mattifying your complexion (we like MAKE’s Diffusion Set Translucent Pressed Powder).

Set makeup in one effortless sweep with MAKE’s velvety soft Powder Brush, designed to pick up and deliver the perfect amount of product to set makeup with a natural, *never cakey* finish.

To use, sweep the brush into powder and load bristles. Lightly press and roll with edges of brush, sweeping over the T-zone and anywhere you want to mattify. Build until desired effect is achieved.

The Angled Brush

Sculpt and define with our Sculpting Brush, an angled essential perfect for contouring the hollows of cheeks, jawline and hairline.

Designed to hug the contours of the face, the Sculpting Brush pairs well with cream and powder formulas and ensures precise contouring with ease.

For powder, load bristles by sweeping into powder and tapping off excess. Apply along the hollows of cheeks, jawline, and hairline using outward, sweeping motions. For liquid or cream formulas, lightly dip the brush into product on your hand's back. Apply along the hollows of cheeks, jawline, and hairline, then blend.

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