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Hot Girl Makeup with Celebrity Makeup Artist Hailey Hoff

In the latest episode of 'Makeup With Friends,’ we're thrilled to have celebrity makeup artist and friend of the brand, Haley Hoff, join our creative director, Carrie Barber. Known for her signature "hot girl makeup" aesthetic, Haley walks us through her journey to becoming a makeup artist, how to get snatched with contour, and so much more. From expertly blending MAKE’s Diffusion Dew Skin Tint to creating the perfect pout with the Eye Shaping Stylo, Hailey spills all the tea so you can achieve that hot girl glow.

Getting Started with Foundation

When it comes to doing her own makeup, Hailey creates a base for the rest of her makeup with foundation first. Hailey uses a damp beauty blender to apply MAKE’s Diffusion Dew Skin Tint, ensuring a seamless blend and dewy, skin-like finish. While sheer, Diffusion Dew Skin Tint is designed with customizable coverage in mind. To achieve her perfect match, Hailey mixes shade ‘Ginger 04’ with ‘Natural 02,’ a lighter shade which gives a brightening effect. Hailey also applies foundation over lids to create a uniform base for eye makeup to follow.

The Importance of Blending

Blending foundation is a timeless technique, but Hailey puts a strong emphasis on its importance when it comes to applying complexion products. Proper blending is the key to preventing makeup from sitting on the surface of skin and looking cakey. It allows for a seamless and natural integration of the foundation, resulting in a flawless, skin-like finish (especially important when applying full coverage products). Whether she's working on her celebrity clients or herself, Hailey uses a damp beauty blender, which allows for a more sheer, consistent application free of harsh lines or patchiness.

Concealer Application

Next, Hailey brightens and balances her complexion with MAKE’s Skin Mimetic Concealer. She strategically applies concealer to targeted areas of the face that require correction, using a shade slightly lighter than her foundation to also illuminate where light would naturally hit the high points of her face. The Skin Mimetic Concealer features a sophisticated blend of skin-mimicking pigments, red algae, and adenosine, providing hydration and effective coverage for concealing and correcting imperfections. Although perfect for spot coverage, Hailey demonstrates how this versatile concealer can also be utilized for highlighting and contouring, too.

Bronzer for a Sun-Kissed Glow

Bronzer holds a prime spot in Hailey's beauty kit, and for good reason – what's "hot girl makeup" without that radiant, bronzy glow? Hailey uses bronzer to add warmth and dimension to the face, creating a sun-kissed glow that’s perfect for any season. On the latest episode of Makeup With Friends, Hailey reaches for MAKE's Skin Mimetic Microsuede Bronzer, which she applies in a ‘3’ shape, hitting the forehead, cheekbones and jawline to sculpt and enhance her natural bone structure for a subtly snatched look. To top it off, Hailey contours the sides of her nose.

Hailey Hoff's Journey in Beauty

Haley Hoff's signature style, bronzy, glowy makeup, has made her a favorite among influencers and celebrities. In addition to sharing all the tips and tricks, Hailey walks Carrie through her journey to becoming a celebrity makeup artist, starting with a job at a Chanel counter where she learned about different skin types, textures and personalities. While Hailey worked with Glam Squad for several years before branching out on her own, she leveraged Instagram to connect with clients and carve her current reputation in the beauty sphere.

The Hot Girl Makeup Look

Haley's approach to makeup starts with wanting clients to look and *feel* their best. Though she’s known for a full glam look, it’s one that never feels overdone. It’s balanced, blended, and snatched. It's about enhancing clients’ natural beauty and bone structure, bringing out their best features so they feel comfortable and confident in their skin.

Product Highlights

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