best brow gel for feathered brows

How To Get Sculpted Feathered Brows with the Infinite Hold Brow Gel

From professional shaping and lamination to soap brows and microblading, the abundance of brow treatments, products and techniques speak to the importance of brows, which frame the face, accentuate the eyes, and, in the best of cases, create the illusion of facial symmetry. It’s no secret brows play a crucial role in completing our makeup look and here at MAKE, we love a full, natural-looking brow.

Despite the recent resurgence of pencil-thin 90s brows, the feathered brow has been populating TikTok since well before 2022 and celebrity makeup artist, content creators, and beauty fanatics sing its praises for good reason: feathered brows are easy to achieve, bring balance to your bone structure, and have even been dubbed the ‘instant brow lift’ for their ability to define and uplift. Whether you’ve been blessed with a full brow, are looking to correct over plucking à la Y2K, or simply seek low-maintenance volume and definition, Infinite Hold Brow Gel is your answer to full, sculpted, and defined brows in an instant.

Meet MAKE’s New Infinite Hold Brow Gel

Our best-selling brow gel & tint, now with extra hold. Infinite Sculpting Brow Gel is formulated with advanced polymers to sculpt, set, define and hold hairs in place for dimensional, feathered brows that last all day. Designed with a dual-sided, precision brush that allows for controlled application and a buildable formula that gives brows volume without residue, flaking or stiffening, Infinite Hold Sculpting Brow Gel in Clear and Cool Brown Tint delivers customizable color and definition.

 Infinite Hold Brow Gel Benefits:

Feathered brows are achieved by brushing brow hairs upwards, enhancing your natural arch to create the illusion of fuller, fluffier brows sans soap and chemical processing. Not unlike lamination, Infinite Hold Sculpting Brow Gel offers a firm grip, lifting hairs into place without sacrificing dimension for definition that’s natural. What’s more, its moisturizing formula, infused with linden flower extract known to soften and condition and pea peptide known to promote hair growth and density, nourishes as it coats each brow hair. Its dual-sided brush not only sculpts, sets and defines brows, but administers and disburses product without clumping or buildup for controlled, customizable application. With its advanced, strong hold formula, Infinite Hold Sculpting Brow Gel texturises and mimics your natural brow hair for sculpted, feathered brows that last.

  • Infinite Hold Brow Gel available in 2 shades Infinite Hold Brow Gel available in 2 shades
  • Infinite Hold Brow Gel available in 2 shades Infinite Hold Brow Gel available in 2 shades
  • Infinite Hold Brow Gel available in 2 shades Infinite Hold Brow Gel available in 2 shades
  • Infinite Hold Brow Gel available in 2 shades Infinite Hold Brow Gel available in 2 shades
  • best brow gel for feathered brows


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