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How To Make A Glowy Complexion Last All Day

On part 1 of Episode 5 of ‘Makeup With Friends,’ renowned celebrity makeup artist, Nikki La Rose, joins MAKE’s Owner and Creative Director, Carrie Barber, to discuss glowy makeup mistakes and answer your most common complexion questions.

Before the dewy skin trend, mattifying powders, oil-absorbing foundations, and blotting papers were all the rage. Arguably one of the most influential beauty trends, the dewy skin aesthetic has inspired many of the glow-inducing products we know and love and reflects a shift towards makeup looks that put hydrated, smooth and bouncy looking skin center stage.

From glass skin to glazed donut skin, we’ve seen many iterations of this skin-forward take on makeup and, as with no-makeup-makeup, a specific lineup of products are required to achieve it. While ultra hydrating formulas come as a welcome answer to cakey, drying complexion products of the past, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, as is the case for layering ultra-hydrating products. For a glowy base sans slippage, follow Nikki’s tips and tricks below.

Common Mistakes with Glowy Makeup

Of the many makeup questions Nikki and Carrie receive, how to achieve the perfect glowy base is at the top of the list.

Nikki pinpoints two common makeup mistakes people make when aiming for a glowy finish: 1) overloading on glowy products, and 2) not allowing sufficient drying time between applications. If your serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, and foundation all promise a glowy result, the outcome may not be as radiant as expected. These layers, when combined, can hinder pigment from setting and cause makeup to slide off during the day, cutting wear-time short. Even if you’re striving for a dewy look, locking in hydrating layers with a finely milled, translucent powder will help your makeup adhere to your skin for better, bolder payoff.

While it's tempting to reach for all the glow-inducing products, it's wise to exercise restraint with ultra-hydrating formulas and carefully consider which cream, gel, and liquid makeup products play nicely, and which need a little extra drying time.

Powdering Techniques

Overusing glowy products might inadvertently amplify pores, making them appear more prominent. The solution? A well-milled powder. For this, we like MAKE’s Diffusion Set Translucent Pressed Powder, which sets makeup while providing an even finish that won’t subdue your glow.

Precision powdering, particularly around areas like the t-zone where pores may be larger, is a great technique for those who want to boost makeup longevity without losing that glass skin finish. Unlike the t-zone, the outer perimeters of the face often don’t require powdering as the pores in these areas produce less oil. Consider your skin type when precision powder and remember, the goal is to strike a balance between matte and glowy textures.

Foundation Application Tips

When it comes to your base layer – foundation itself – both Carrie and Nikki share their unique application methods. While Nikki prefers to apply foundation using her fingers when she’s at home, she leans on beauty sponges and stippling brushes to do the job when on the go and recommends applying foundation to the center of your face first.

According to Nikki, where you begin your foundation application is essential to achieving natural coverage. Most of us require the bulk of our coverage in the center of our faces, where redness and imperfections tend to be concentrated. By starting in the center and blending outward, you reduce the risk or foundation lines, especially near the jawline, and ensure skin looks as natural as possible.

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