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MAKE's Guide To Pulling Off A Dark Lip

MAKE's Guide To Pulling Off A Dark Lip

‘Tis the season for dark nights and even darker lips.

The Look

The holidays are officially here, and while we love a classic red lip, we recommend going dark for a modern take on traditional holiday makeup.

This time of year, festivities and twinkling lights accompany darker, longer nights, and there’s no better way to channel wintertime than with a statement lip.

While attempting a dark lip can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. From plummy purples to rich burgundies and black, the look is less vampy and more festive. Whether you go grunge or editorial, selecting the right shade, perfecting your application, and pairing back the rest of your look will ensure you achieve a dark lip you’re comfortable in. Wear it to your next holiday party or to your office and add an element of cool to any look this season.

How to Find the Right Dark Lipstick Shade

Consider your undertones (warm, cool or neutral) when selecting your shade of choice, and play until you find what compliments your complexion. As a general rule, cool toned hues with a blue or pink base compliment those with cool undertones, and warmer hues with an orange base compliment those with warm undertones.

For a dark, wintery lip, we love MAKE’s Cream Supreme High Impact Lipstick for its format and formula. Its slimline stylo allows for precise, seamless application and its hydrating, vitamin E infused formula ensures vivid pigments lock down with a creamy, glossy finish.

For an ultra-dramatic look, try shade Magnetic Field, a Dark Royal Blue, or Blackout, a Creamy Black. For a more traditional lip, try shades Parallel Universe, a Burgundy Purple, Regenerate, a Dark Berry, or Dark Side, a Dark Chocolate Brown.

How To Apply Dark Lipstick

Step 1: Prep

Dark pigments magnify texture, which means the perfect dark lip starts with achieving a smooth, supple base. To begin, remove any existing texture by gently exfoliating lips. Next, lock in moisture with a nourishing lip treatment like Lip Reset, MAKE’s overnight lip mask, which softens, smooths and restores lips. If you have spare time, allow a few minutes for Lip Reset to absorb before moving onto the next step. If not, remember to blot excess product to prevent slippage and get the most out of your lipstick.

Step 2: Line

Applying a dark, concentrated pigment calls for precision, which is why we recommend creating a natural-looking boundary with a little lip liner. Following the natural outline of your mouth, apply a nude liner that matches your lip color or choose a shade one or two shades softer than your lipstick. Lining your lips first will ensure you define your natural lip shape and prevent pigment from bleeding.

To avoid the illusion of a smaller mouth, slightly overline lips, emphasizing your cupid’s bow and the shadow beneath your bottom lip.

Step 3: Precision Application

As with lip texture, crooked lines and flaws are more noticeable with a dark lipstick. For precise application, use a lip brush that allows you to control the intensity and placement of your product. Start from the center, working your way towards the outer corners of your mouth.

For a diffused, sheer take, we recommend applying Cream Supreme with your fingertips. Gently dab on product starting from the lip’s center to achieve a laid back look with soft, blurred edges.

Step 4: Blot

Blotting lips with a tissue or fingertips can quickly bring down the intensity of your lip if you over-applied or simply desire a less pigmented look.

Step 5: Correct

All it takes is a little concealer (we love MAKE's Skin Mimetic Concealer) to quickly eliminate uneven edges. To cover any imperfections, simply apply using a small, flat brush.

Step 6: Complete The Look

Keeping the rest of your makeup minimal will compliment your statement lip and ensure you avoid looking overdone.

Achieve an even base with Diffusion Dew, MAKE’s breathable skin tint featuring skin-mimicking pigments that provide radiant coverage without masking your skin’s natural appearance. Next, top cheeks with a light dusting of bronzer. For this, we like the Skin Mimetic Microsuede Bronzer.

Lastly, complete your look with a groomed brow and fresh coat of mascara. A strong lip calls for a strong brow, so sculpt, set and define yours with MAKE’s Infinite Hold Sculpting Brow Gel, a strong hold brow gel that holds hairs in place without sacrificing dimension. To finish, coat lashes in Lash Prototype, our volumizing, lengthening mascara, and go!

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  • MAKE's Guide To Pulling Off A Dark Lip


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