Lab Engineered Natural Ingredients (L.E.N.I.)

Lab Engineered Natural Ingredients (L.E.N.I.)

L.E.N.I. challenges the current standard of sustainability, expands the definition of natural, and elevates the concept of clean beauty. Our novel “L.E.N.I.” approach to ingredient selection centers on biotechnology, what we believe is the future of sustainability. Technology is about harnessing science and techniques to produce something, or modify a process. Adding the prefix “bio,” which translates to “life,” means biotechnology uses living organisms, such as yeast and bacteria, to produce something novel. Biotechnology overcomes obstacles in ingredient sourcing such as limited natural resources, plant species endangerment, overconsumption, crop and farming variability, and carbon emissions. This lab centric approach to taking natural ingredients and creating biosynthetic, sustainable ingredients on a large scale reduces our environmental impact while enhancing the efficacy, potency, and purity of our products. Biotechnology includes fermentation, plant cell culture technology, and the development of bioidentical compounds.

Fermentation is a key example of biotechnology, as it uses microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria to break down and convert energy-rich compounds such as sugars, into simpler substances. It turns living organisms into microscopic manufacturing facilities to boost production in a cleaner and more efficient way. This ancient art turned modern innovation creates ingredients that are more potent, more bioavailable, less irritating, better preserved, and have additional nutrients.

Plant cell culture technology focuses on the regenerative properties of plant stem cells for the development of highly efficacious and efficient production of important phytonutrients or molecules for cosmetics. These tissue regenerating cells are cultured under sterile lab conditions and circumpass issues present in the manufacturing of traditional botanical ingredients such as plant variability by harvest, slow growth, and pesticide use. Biologically active compounds can be obtained in higher concentration than available in the naturally grown plant and in a shorter time period.

Biotechnology allows for the development of nature-identical or bioidentical compounds, without the same environmental impact and with increased purity and quality. A controlled lab setting improves consistency, tightens product specifications, reduces impurities, and increases consumer safety. L.E.N.I. minimizes the variability of each batch ensuring pure, safe, and eco-conscious materials without sacrificing efficacy and product performance. It’s about taking accountability and responsibility for ingredient sourcing through the coupling of science and nature.

While biotechnology is at the heart of L.E.N.I., L.E.N.I. also includes other scientifically advanced and sustainable techniques, which take nature into the lab, such as upcycling. Upcycled beauty is a circulatory initiative in which biomass or byproducts from other supply chains such as the food industry are transformed and repurposed for cosmetics. It’s more than recycling and follows the mantra “leave it better than you found it.”
We are using L.E.N.I. to MAKE the new standard of clean and sustainable beauty.

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