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Meet Serum Balm Intense: A Highly Pigmented Version of Our Best Selling Lip Serum

MAKE is centered on innovation while keeping performance and pigment at the forefront. We've taken everything you love about our best-selling Serum Balm and dialed it up a notch. Meet Serum Balm Intense, a hydrating lip serum that looks like lipstick but wears like a balm. Serum Balm Intense offers a bold pigment with a glossy sheen that is never sticky. The large, plush doe-foot applicator guarantees precise application, coating the lips with richly saturated color in a single swipe. With 11 meticulously crafted shades ranging from subtle nudes to bold statement colors, there’s an option for any occasion.

The Formulation:

What sets Serum Balm Intense apart is its formula. Infused with skincare ingredients that nourish and plump lips, Serum Balm Intense delivers intense pigment without drying or compromising lips.

Key ingredients and their roles:

  • Sodium Hyaluronate: A naturally occurring molecule, smaller than hyaluronic acid, that ensures that your lips stay hydrated and that moisture is locked in for a longer-lasting pout.

  • Avocado Oil and Glycerides: These emollients dive deep to provide essential fatty acids, promoting lip health and elasticity. They go beyond the surface to nourish and soften, to provide the lips a youthful suppleness.

  • THD: A stable and oil-soluble form of Vitamin C ester, THD imparts both antioxidant benefits and assists in enhancing the natural plumpness of the lips for a fuller appearance.

How to Use Serum Balm Intense

Serum Balm Intense hydrates, plumps, and restores the lips while offering bold pigment in one swipe. Apply the lip serum as needed throughout the day.

Serum Balm Intense Shades and Texture

With 11 flattering shades, Serum Balm Intense offers a range of options from the perfect nude to a bold pop of color. For everyday wear, Anti Gravity (a peachy pink nude), Nude Nova+ (a warm nude), and Magnetic Mauve (a classic mauve) are the perfect makeup bag staples. For a night out, or any time you want to brighten your face with a bold lip, shades like Shock Layer (a bold red,) Pink Cerise+ (a fuschia pink), and Orchid Fever (a bright violet purple) deliver vivid pigment that can elevate any look.

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