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Tightlining and Eye Contouring for Soft Definition

Tightlining and eye contouring are two fool-proof eye makeup techniques for enhancing and defining eyes. While tightlining, lining the upper waterline, brings out the lash line, eye contouring, the art of accentuating the natural shadows and highlights of the eye area, adds depth and dimension. When combined, these two makeup-artist-approved techniques simply can’t be beat.

Elevate your makeup game and achieve soft definition with the Eye Shaping Stylo, our versatile, 4-in-1 cream matte eye stick, and Continuum Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, the perfect pairing for a ‘your eyes but better’ look in as little as two steps.

What is Tightlining?

"Tightlining" is our favorite way to subtly define the lash bed, which creates the illusion of thicker lashes and enhances the natural eye shape. The eye-liner technique involves lining your upper waterline, the area beneath the lash line where the eyelids meet when closed, for thicker, fuller and darker looking lashes. While makeup artists tout tightlining as the secret to a natural, defined eye, mastering this technique is much less intimidating with the right tips and product.

Enter Continuum Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, MAKE’s smudge-free, highly pigmented eyeliner. Formulated with rich emollients that give it its creamy texture, Continuum Waterproof Gel Eyeliner glides on seamlessly and won’t irritate the delicate waterline. What’s more, its waterproof formula ensures a smudge-free finish, making it the perfect product for tightlining.

How to Achieve a Perfect Tightline Look:

Prep Your Lashes:

To start, curl your lashes before applying eyeliner, especially if it’s your first time. By curling the lashes, you’ll see where your lashes and lids meet, making it easier to apply eyeliner directly to the waterline. To prepare your waterline, use a Q-tip to gently dry the area, ensuring pigment locks down for long-lasting wear.

Choosing Your Shade:

Choosing the right shade can make a big difference when it comes to subtly defining the lash line. If black feels too intense, opt for a warm brown like 'Nebula' or a dark navy like 'Deep Space.’ These shades will define your eyes without looking harsh.

Applying The Liner:

To reveal your waterline, use fingers to gently lift lashes, pulling up your lid from the brow bone. Using small strokes, fill in the water line with Continuum Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in your shade of choice, gradually building up the pigment to achieve a look as natural or as intense as you want it to be.

Define with Eye Contour:

Next, amplify your eye shape by contouring the natural hollows of your eye area.

To find your ideal eye contour, select the Eye Shaping Stylo in a shade that is two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone, or opt for a shade that matches your favorite face contour. Apply the Eye Shaping Stylo to creases and outer corners, blending outward towards temples for visibly sculpted and defined eyes.

Top Off with Mascara:

Finally, complete your look with our volumizing Lash Prototype Mascara. This mascara adds definition and length to your lashes, making them appear fuller and more voluminous. With these tips and our products, you'll achieve a tightline look that lasts all day.

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