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Violet Vision: Embracing the Purple Makeup Trend

Thanks to TikTok, Taylor Swift’s ‘Lavender Haze,’ and the SS23 runways, purple is having a major moment in the beauty and fashion spheres. With beauty influencers sharing purple makeup tutorials and viral makeup challenges incorporating purple lip, eye, and cheek products, it’s safe to say purple has been popularized as an official beauty trend.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a pop of fun to your makeup look, there’s a shade of purple for that. From plum to bright violet, purple makeup comes in a spectrum of hues and is universally flattering, making it an effortless – and creative – way to enhance your features.

For Your Cheeks: Brighten Up with Purple Blush

Purple blush has gone viral on TikTok! Beauty enthusiasts have been using various shades of purple to create a natural-looking flush that adds vibrancy and fun to their looks.

Incorporating purple blush into your everyday makeup routine can instantly elevate your glow. It brightens your eyes and enhances the natural pigment in your lips. This unexpected shade has earned a spot on our list of blush staples.

For a bold statement, pair a purple blush with a red lip. Here are our favorite purple blushes:

For Your Lips: Find the Right Hues and Undertones

With TikTok content creators and makeup artists incorporating lipsticks and glosses in shades like lilac and orchid in their everyday makeup routines, purple lip products have gained recent popularity too.

A purple lip can be easier to pull off than you might think. With a wide range of hues, undertones, and formulas, you can find the perfect shade to pair with your skin tone and makeup style. Try shades with red undertones like Mystic Mauve or Lilac Layer+ for a subtle look, or go bold with our Cream Supreme High Impact Lipstick in Ultraviolet.

Here are a few of our favorite purple lip products:

Violet Eyes and a Nude Lip: Enhance Your Eye Color with Purple Liner

A deep purple eyeliner is a great alternative to black or brown and can enhance both light and dark eye colors. Pair your purple liner with a nude lip to keep all focus on eyes. Here’s our favorite purple eyeliner and lip products with a pop of purple subtle enough to keep it neutral:

Adding a pop of purple to your makeup routine is a fun and easy way to switch things up. Whether you opt for a bold purple eye look or a more natural-looking flush on your cheeks, there are endless ways to incorporate this trend in your everyday makeup routine. With TikTok leading the way, it's clear that purple is here to stay.

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