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Recreating Hailey Bieber’s Strawberry Girl Makeup Look

Strawberry makeup is all over TikTok and Instagram this summer – With makeup enthusiasts and celebrities like Hailey Bieber adopting this makeup look, it's officially "Strawberry Girl Summer".

What is Strawberry Girl Makeup?

‘Strawberry Girl Makeup’ is a dewy makeup look that emphasizes strawberry-toned cheeks against clean skin, a glossy pink or red lip, and ideally some playful freckles (real or faux). It's as cute and fun as it sounds. Just as the recent latte makeup trend focuses on a consistent color palette of warm browns and nudes, the strawberry girl makeup trend spotlights soft pink and red hues on cheeks and lips.

How to get the Strawberry Makeup Look:

Create a Glowing Base with Diffusion Dew Skin Tint

This look is skin-forward, with a glowy even base. To achieve this, we like the Diffusion Dew skin tint mixed with one pump of Hydrascape Reverse Emulsion for added glow. Diffusion Dew features skin-mimicking pigments that add radiant coverage while blurring, smoothing and brightening the skin to keep your complexion looking fresh and clean. Hydrascape gives added hydration, plumping and an instant glow.

Strawberry Cheeks with Heat Stroke Cheek Tint

The highlight of this trend is undoubtedly the Strawberry red-toned blush. To get the perfect strawberry flush, start with a red-toned cream blush stick (we like Heat Stroke in Feverish) and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. If you’re a powder blush girl, opt for our award-winning Skin Mimetic Microsuede Powder Blush in Crimson Sky.

Bold Lashes with Lash Prototype Mascara

Keep the eyes subtle with bare lids and a nice coat of Lash Prototype Mascara. This lash defining mascara adds volume, length and definition in one swipe.

Glossy Red Lips with Serum Balm Intense

Round out this look with a pop of glossy red on the lips. Serum Balm Intense in Shock Layer is the perfect poppy red and provides instant hydration while softening, smoothing and plumping. With a glossy, sheen finish, this lip serum looks like lipstick, but wears like a balm.

Fresh Faced Freckles with Blade Line Brow Pencil

No freckles? No problem. The Blade Line Brow Pencil can be used for adding natural looking faux freckles (a pro-tip that we’ve adopted from our celebrity makeup artist friends). Use the same brow pencil shade that you would use on your brows for your faux freckles. Add a few spots with the tip across the bridge of your nose and cheeks. Lightly tap in for a natural freckled finish.

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