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latte makeup trend

Get The Look: Latte Makeup

If you’ve been on TikTok or Instagram recently, you’re likely familiar with the viral 'Latte Makeup’ concept. This trend is all about minimal complexion coverage, warm neutral tones, and a glowing effortless finish. It’s super versatile and flatters any skin tone when executed properly. The brown smokey eye makes eyes pop, regardless of your eye color. Achieve the viral Latte Makeup look in four easy steps below.

Step 1: Create a Glowing Base with the Diffusion Dew Skin Tint

The first step to achieving the 'Latte Makeup' look is to create an even and glowing base. The focus here is on minimal coverage to keep the eyes as the main attraction. MAKE’s Diffusion Dew Skin Tint is perfect for executing this complexion look. It features skin-mimicking pigments that add radiant coverage while blurring, smoothing, and brightening the skin.

Step 2: Smokey Brown Lids Using the Eye Shaping Stylo

The second step is all about the eyes. MAKE’s Eye Shaping Stylo was released right in time for this viral makeup trend. We recommend using a dark brown shade, such as Umber or Meridian, along your lash line and eye lid. Blend it out with a small blending brush for the perfect smokey eye look.

For an extra shot of espresso: add Continuum Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Eclipse or Nebula to the waterline and lash line.

Step 3: Add Warmth with Skin Mimetic Microsuede Bronzer

Next, it's time to add some warmth and dimension to your cheeks. Our ultra-soft, matte Skin Mimetic Microsuede Bronzer is perfect for this. Apply it over your cheeks and anywhere the sun hits your face for a warm, sun-kissed look.

Step 4: Latte Lips with Cream Supreme Lipstick

The final step in achieving the Latte Makeup look is a neutral lipstick with a brown undertone. Like our Cream Supreme Lipstick in Atmospheric or Catalyst.

The 'Latte Makeup' trend is an effortless look, that makes the eyes pop and gives defined warmth to the face. We foresee this viral makeup trend becoming an evergreen makeup look considering how flattering it is across all skin tones and eye colors. Love a makeup look that emphasizes consistent color palette? Try the 'Strawberry Girl Makeup' trend next.

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