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winter skin care routine

Upgrade Your Nighttime Routine: Winter Skincare

Adding products to nourish, hydrate and encourage skin cell turnover is key to stave off winter skin woes like dryness, flakiness, and dullness.

Discover our roundup of winter skincare staples below, designed to keep your complexion radiant, glowy and hydrated all season long.

Nighttime Winter Skincare Routine

Cooler temperatures and increased indoor time often dry out skin in winter. Counteract the effects of environmental stressors and moisture loss with this winter nighttime skincare routine perfect for combating dryness while you sleep.

Double Cleanse:

No matter the season, cleansing is a crucial part of our skincare routine. To dissolve makeup, SPF, pollutants, and residue, we recommend double cleansing; a method of cleansing the face two times using two separate cleansers.

First Cleanse: Pre-Cleanse Oil Cleanser

Effectively break down waterproof makeup, SPF, and dead skin cells with an oil-based cleanser. For this, we like Pre-Cleanse Oil Cleanser. Boasting a sophisticated blend of oils and a fatty acid complex sourced from bioactive green algae, our oil-based cleanser stands out for its ability to cleanse without stripping or irritating dry and/or sensitive skin. This gentle yet potent formula nurtures and fortifies the skin's moisture barrier, making it a perfect choice for the winter season.

Second Cleanse: Succulent Skin Wash

After Pre-Cleanse, follow up with Succulent Skin Wash, a pH-balanced, low-lather cleansing gel equipped with amino acid-enriched surfactants that safeguard the skin barrier as they clean. What’s more, added niacinamide balances excess sebum production while aloe and glycerin soothe and seal in essential moisture.

Treat with the Lactonic Vitamin C and Lactic Acid Serum:

During the colder months, environmental factors such as low humidity, indoor heating, and exposure to the cold can lead to dry, flaky, or sensitized skin. To maintain smooth, radiant skin year-round, our go-to skincare superheroes are Vitamin C and Lactic Acid. When combined, Vitamin C and Lactic Acid address uneven tone and texture all while brightening, hydrating and plumping the skin.

Supercharge your skincare routine with Lactonic, MAKE Beauty’s versatile, all-in-one treatment serum. Crafted to gently brighten, hydrate, and resurface the skin, this powerhouse formulation targets dark spots and fine lines. Featuring a dynamic blend of Ascorbyl Glucoside, a highly stable Vitamin C derivative, and vegan Lactic Acid—an AHA that not only exfoliates but also provides essential hydration, Lactonic keeps skin in perfect harmony. To use, dispense 1-2 pumps into your palms, and gently massage onto your face, neck, and chest both morning and night. Remember to pair with SPF during the day time.

Lock in Moisture with the Hibernation Capsule Overnight Recovery Balm:

When it comes to moisturizer, we like to up the ante with Hibernation Capsule, MAKE Beauty’s overnight recovery balm designed to preserve your skin’s moisture barrier. Formulated with potent oligopeptides, upcycled apple saccharide, and fermented marine microorganisms, this overnight mask delivers a burst of nourishment while you sleep. As the last step in your nighttime routine, apply a generous amount onto your face, neck and chest for a radiant, well-rested complexion.

Finishing Overnight Touches:

Lip Reset Lip Mask

Our winter skincare wouldn’t be complete without a little extra TLC for our lips. Maintain a plump, hydrated pout with Lip Reset, an overnight lip mask that softens, smooths and restores dry, dehydrated lips. For optimal results, use as an overnight lip treatment for softer, smoother lips by morning.

Hyperboost Lash and Brow Serum

To finish, fortify lashes and brows while you sleep with the new Hyperboost lash and brow serum. Formulated with WIDELASHTM, a proven blend of proteins and peptides that enhances the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes and brows, Hyperboost delivers longer, luscious lashes and brows without the risk of eye irritation or redness.

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