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A Pop of Color with Makeup Artist Jkissa

A Pop of Color with Makeup Artist Jkissa

On Episode 2 of 'Makeup With Friends', makeup artist and beauty influencer Jkissa shows Carrie Barber how to pair a clean, minimalist complexion with vibrant color for a look that’s equal parts fresh and creative. They discuss her path to becoming a makeup artist, her early days on YouTube, and fangirl over Namvo. Plus, get a sneak peek of the Eye Shaping Stylo, our newest product launching June 14th.

Skin Prep

According to Jkissa, well-hydrated skin is essential for achieving a natural yet finished complexion. For this, she preps skin with MAKE’s Hydrascape Moisturizing Reverse Emulsion.

Light-weight yet deeply hydrating, Hydrascape won’t sit heavy on the skin, making it the perfect base layer for plump, glowing skin. For optimal absorption, warm Hydrascape with hands and massage into skin, or do as Jkissa does and apply with a brush for an extra gentle application.

Textured Brows & Bottom Lashes

After skincare, Jkissa spills her secret for getting the most out of brow products and achieving a well-defined brow: powder. Before shaping with the Sculpting Brow Gel, Jkissa dusts brows with powder for added grip and texture. To finish, she uses Blade Line in Cool Taupe to fill in sparse areas and balance asymmetries.

When it comes to mascara application, even professionals dread the accidental smudge. To avoid mascara smudges on lids, Jkissa recommends coating bottom lashes in the Lash Prototype Mascara first.

A Minimalist Complexion

The session wraps up with a focus on complexion. Jkissa demonstrates how to achieve a sun-kissed look with Heat Stroke, followed by a masterclass on concealing and setting with MAKE’s Skin Mimetic Concealer and Diffusion Set Pressed Powder.

For a look that’s skin-forward and fresh, Jkissa opts for concealer to lift and brighten under eyes, neutralize redness, and even the complexion. Like Hailey Bieber, she wears the Skin Mimetic Concealer in shade 3, which she touts as her perfect shade due to its neutral undertones.

After blending from outer corners towards temples for a lifting effect, Jkissa sets under eyes with Diffusion Set Pressed Powder, avoiding areas that don’t need extra staying power for a skin-like, dewy finish.

A Diffused Flush

Experience the ultimate natural flush with Jkissa's hottest tip yet! Discover her secret for achieving the perfect glow with MAKE's Heat Stroke Dewy Gel Cheek Tint in Inflamed, the shade Jkissa and renowned makeup artist Michael Ashton think people are sleeping on.

Jkissa blends Heat Stroke and Hydrascape Moisturizing Reverse Emulsion on the back of her hand for a diffused pigment and ultra-hydrated finish.

Don't miss this episode filled with insider tips, an exciting sneak peek at MAKE’s soon-to-launch Eye Shaping Stylo, and a discussion on the transformative power of makeup.

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