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Introducing The Eye Shaping Stylo

Contouring, creating the illusion of shadows and highlights using a combination of light and dark shades, is the transformative makeup technique we all know and love. While typically reserved for enhancing cheekbones and jawlines, contour can add depth and dimension to eyes, too.

Introducing the Eye Shaping Stylo, a versatile, 4-in-1 eye defining stylo designed to shape and sculpt eyes for added depth and dimension. Shade, shape, contour or define eyes with a range of buildable nudes and neutrals that compliment all skin tones and eye shapes. Formulated with advanced film-forming polymers, this stick easily blends onto lids and locks down for long lasting wear with a soft matte finish. Whether you’re seeking to subtly enhance your eye shape or achieve a dramatic change, this stylo's buildable formula empowers you to customize your contour for any look.

Creamy, Soft Matte Finish

The Eye Shaping Stylo was formulated with blendability, control, and versatility in mind. Due to its creamy consistency, the Eye Shaping Stylo allows you to control the intensity and placement of pigment with ease, making it ideal for sculpting smaller areas like the nose, lips, and eyes. While formulated with skin-conditioning emollients, its soft-matte finish locks down pigment for all-day color that won’t slip or transfer.

Choosing Your Shade


The ideal contour shade should create subtle shadows that enhance your facial structure without appearing harsh. To imitate the natural shadows of your face, select the Eye Shaping Stylo in a shade that is two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone, or opt for a shade that matches your face contour.

For individuals with cool undertones, opt for contour shades with a taupe or grayish undertone. Those with warm undertones may lean towards contour shades with a hint of warmth, such as a soft brown or tan. Matching the undertone ensures a contour that blends seamlessly into your complexion for definition that’s soft and subtle.

Eyeshadow Primer:

When using as an eyeshadow primer, select a shade that matches your skin tone or one shade brighter. The Eye Shaping Stylo will create the perfect base for smoother application, help prevent creasing and make the color of your eyeshadow more vivid.

How to Use the Eye Shaping Stylo:


Use all over as a cream eyeshadow or as an eyeshadow primer for smoother application and to prevent creasing. Apply all over the lid and blend with your fingertip or brush to create your desired eye look. As eyeshadow primer, select a shade similar or lighter than your skin tone.


Lift, enhance or elongate your eye shape. Use a darker shade to lift and add definition or use a lighter shade to highlight and brighten. Apply along the lash line and outer corner, blending up towards your temple and to the inner corner blending into crease.


Create definition and enhance your natural features by applying to crease or outer corners for visibly sculpted and defined eyes. Apply to crease and outer corner towards your temple and blend with a brush. Can also be used as a precision contour on nose, cheeks and lips.


Use along lash line to define eyes or use as an eye khol to create a soft smokey eye look. Apply to the top and bottom lash line and blend to achieve your desired look.

  • eye shaping stylo


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